Time–the Process

Images taken by Nicolas Peña-Escarpentier – thanks for awesome photos What’s time? Is time a logical thing? A project “Time” started from throwing simple questions about time and its standard – eventually evolving into the combination of physical piece and digital visualization about different time zones. The physical piece is consisted of two parts: inner cylinder… Continue reading Time–the Process

Fabrication Week7 – Rattle drum

I was playing with the rock and stick I used for my shadow box last week, and suddenly that made me think of the rattle drum I used to play when I was a child. So I decided to make a rattle drum that spins on its own. While designing my drum, the first question… Continue reading Fabrication Week7 – Rattle drum

Week 5- Shadow Play Theatre

    Sketch of Design I wanted to make a Chinese puppet play box. So I started to make sketch. For the story telling part, I wanted to create the story of "Sisyphus rolling the stone" . For the materials, I am thinking of using either cardboard or wood for the box/container/frame, using paper to… Continue reading Week 5- Shadow Play Theatre