A Survival Guide for a Broken Finger

Interview with Dr. Lee "Every single bone in your body is different. Every single one has a different degree of resilience"  This is Doctor Lee, my doctor for treating my finger fracture. I told him about the project and asked him to give me a lesson about bone fracture recovery as to a first-day medical… Continue reading A Survival Guide for a Broken Finger

The Journey of a Broken Finger and How it Cures in Three Parallel Universes — Field Guide Design

This field guide illustrates the journey of a broken bone from injuries and to recover in three parallel universes. It will map out how it involves systems from as small as cells to as big as the mother earth and global economic system, and how all the systems are all interconnected. Table of Entries  One… Continue reading The Journey of a Broken Finger and How it Cures in Three Parallel Universes — Field Guide Design

Initial Research Around Resilience

Definition of Resilience the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity Resilience is involved in almost all systems: ecosystem, agriculture, supply chains, manufacturing, energy, human brain,  electricity infrastructure system, economic system  ...  it is the ability of any given the system to… Continue reading Initial Research Around Resilience

No. ∞ Symphony (The Tale of Sisyphus)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUY3HGypjl8 Conceptualization  For the object theatre performance, we are required to create an object theatre performance based on a tale or myth story. Fanni, Caleb and I almost immediately agree on recreating the story, morale, and attitude of Sisyphus.  We decided to focus on our shared, modern boulders - the routines, tasks, problems that we loop and cycle… Continue reading No. ∞ Symphony (The Tale of Sisyphus)

Random Access Fast-forward Life (Time)

https://vimeo.com/265698997   Overview: A 5-6 min real-time face projection performance during which audience will watch the performer transforming from cells into baby, slowly aging, and eventually turns into cells and universe again. Inspirations: Passager: a video game in which players control a male avator that can move from left to right as time progresses. the player… Continue reading Random Access Fast-forward Life (Time)

RWET – Poetric Forms

The Github repo: https://github.com/chillchillchou/RWET/blob/master/week5/assignment4.ipynb Concept I came across New York Time's "The Lives They Loved" earlier in the week and I really wanted to create poems about these memorials for the passed ones.  Since this week's assignment focuses on "forms", I started to think what kind of structure would work with poems about memories? I read… Continue reading RWET – Poetric Forms