WOAW Midterm Documentation

  For the midterm, I started to build my lonely spaceship which I started to prototype last week.  I wanted to create a narrative by having the first person trigger different memories by grabbing objects in the spacecraft (photos, cd players. etc.). Eva and I used most of the assets from Sifi- bunk and few 3-D… Continue reading WOAW Midterm Documentation

WOAW – prototype for midterm

https://vimeo.com/257929172 This week, I started to prototype the world for my midterm. I found the hardest part being creating the scene in my world without any knowledge of 3d modeling. I ended up importing assets from sci-fi bank and content example. The story I wanted to build is a first-person story in a spacecraft. In the spacecraft,… Continue reading WOAW – prototype for midterm

WOAW Week 4 Moodboard + Simple Interaction

Moodboard:  https://www.pinterest.com/huiyichen52/woaw-moodboard/ Screenshot of the Unreal Environment Concept of the world I want to build I want to build a future world when humans are becoming cyborgs and they can freely ride in the space. My character is a cyborg human who lost contact signal with the human earth. His/her spacecraft has been floating in the… Continue reading WOAW Week 4 Moodboard + Simple Interaction

WOAW Week2 – the Lab & Hero Shot

Hands-on With Unreal Out of my love of Space Oddity 2001 in which the apes(ancient human) were awakened by a black featureless monolith from future, I wanted to build a surreal scene where a black futuristic wall/door/pillar stands in a natural landscape. I followed the in-class tutorial and messed around with the example assets. I added… Continue reading WOAW Week2 – the Lab & Hero Shot

First Experience with Oculus Rift & VR Stories

Dear Angelica  Aesthetic: It is not my favorite style, but I think the illustrations and animations were really well made. And it works with the storyline. The illustration and animation help to unfold the storyline in an unexpected way. It is bold and creative. The most memorable scene was the ending scene where the character's mother… Continue reading First Experience with Oculus Rift & VR Stories