Recipe for Life (RWET Final)

For RWET final I made a recipe book of life advice. The procedure 1.Scrape answers from Quora I give it the URL of a particular question, and it will return me the scraped answers for the question, and save them as a text file. 2. Extract all the nouns (of certain relative dependency) and clean the data… Continue reading Recipe for Life (RWET Final)

Fake Artist Statement

Find the full codes at GitHub. Initially, I wanted to make a fake band name with a fake band introduction. Because there I think band introduction is something that has a structure that can be learned and auto-generated. I started off by using RNN to generate fake band names. I tried to look for a dataset of… Continue reading Fake Artist Statement

RWET – Poetric Forms

The Github repo: Concept I came across New York Time's "The Lives They Loved" earlier in the week and I really wanted to create poems about these memorials for the passed ones.  Since this week's assignment focuses on "forms", I started to think what kind of structure would work with poems about memories? I read… Continue reading RWET – Poetric Forms

First Poem Generator — The World is Blue as an Orange

My poem generator can be found on my Github For this exercise, after I played around with all the generators,  I decided to create my own with the temple of House of Dust because its algorithm is easy to understand. I really like a line in a poem by Paul Eluard which is "the world is… Continue reading First Poem Generator — The World is Blue as an Orange

Lost in Trancription

The texts file I transcribed can be found at RWET/week1/johan-deckmann.txt What Did I Transcribe For the first week's assignment, I transcribed texts on all of Johan Deckman's book covers. Johan Deckman's is an artist who made an ongoing project called "books", in which he created books with no contents, only the cover.  His books examine the… Continue reading Lost in Trancription