Time–the Process

Images taken by Nicolas Peña-Escarpentier – thanks for awesome photos What’s time? Is time a logical thing? A project “Time” started from throwing simple questions about time and its standard – eventually evolving into the combination of physical piece and digital visualization about different time zones. The physical piece is consisted of two parts: inner cylinder… Continue reading Time–the Process

Becoming a Machine

I have always been interested in cyborg; I am interested in the idea that how machine has fundamentally changed the way we perceive and experience the world -- and even become an extension of our body. For example, we start to look at the world through the lens of camera; We used social media so… Continue reading Becoming a Machine

ICM/PCOM Final Idea

Coming from my own experience of living in different places in the world, I am interested in globalization and the natural effect of earth spinning creating day/night shift. For my final project, I want to collaborate with Alice and create an experience where people can traveling in space and time through the lens of global… Continue reading ICM/PCOM Final Idea

Big Piano — Public Interactive Installation

This is the "Big Piano" at the LL floor in Macy's at 34th st. The way it works is very intuitive -- you walk on the piano and it will play notes. The installation is placed in a corridor that connects shopping area to food court. It is meant to entertain passing by people and… Continue reading Big Piano — Public Interactive Installation

What is Physical Interaction

What is  physical interaction?   According to Chis Crawford, interaction is a cyclic process that requires listen, think, and speak -- all three elements are indispensable to establish an interaction. For me, I understand physical interaction as an process of information exchange. Take the refrigerator door example which Chis Crawford discredited in the essay, when one opens… Continue reading What is Physical Interaction