Space Oddity – Animation 3 I have been interested in astronomy and science fictions stuff. So for the unity project, I wanted to make a scene where the character lost in the magnificent universe.  I wanted to create a sense of loneliness and insignificance of human being in the space. I created the character with FUSE and Maximo. I… Continue reading Space Oddity – Animation 3

Animation – Nevermind

Final work Roland and I are going to work together and we are going tonimate album covers starting from Nirvana Nevermind to David Bowie’s Black Star. The baby from Nirvana album will travel through 26 albums and interact with characters/scenes in  each album, for each year starting from 1991 to 2016. The baby will… Continue reading Animation – Nevermind

Animation – The Secrete Life of LED This is so much harder and time-consuming than I expected. Concept Development  Our group met for the first time on Friday afternoon to nail down the medium and concept. We had several ideas but eventually we agreed on animate an everyday object and told a story about its "secret life". We decided we want… Continue reading Animation – The Secrete Life of LED