A Study of Entropy



The Process 


We accidentally discovered that mylar needles attached to a stretchy string can have very beautiful behaviors and random but surprising movements. Especially when pulling the string, rotating the string, blowing wind at it, and reflecting light. We decided to  take use its unique quality, and made it into a kinetic sculpture.


Digital Fabrication (aka how to mass produce this)

Step 1: A failed attempt: using laser cutters


With laser cutter, the power is too strong that it burns the mylar.

Step 2: Second Attempt: Vinyl cutter
It turned out that vinyl cutter is the right tool for mass producing these mylar needles.



Step 3: Glue them onto strings

This is the most difficult part of the entire process and requires very delicate craftsmanship. We experimented several ways and ended up using the following methods: img_4642.jpgI laser cut a jig with holes matching the glueing point using transparent paper. We overlaid the jig on mylar and strings,  and applied glue on it.


Mylar Strips glued on strings. 



Finished glueing 


Step 4: Threading & Enclosure 


Threading the mylar strings into the enclosure

Step 5: Add lightings

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