[TempExpert] Final Reflection


Presentation Slides:


Feedback from Class

1. A definition of mismatch theory — does it start in recent years because of technology advancement, or it has been going on longer than that?
2. The video is creepy — which is something I am aiming for. But for future iteration, do I want to make it more creepy or I want to make it less like that?
3. I should try buying these products and experiments on self-monitoring myself.
4. Still requires more research into this subjects

Some thinkings about research and experimentation

I tend to read and research a lot before making things. This is something I learnt from last project (the field guide).  Thanks to Marina who encouraged us to start creating, experimenting and doing 7 days of making from early on, this time I think I kept a better balance of research and experimentation — even just making sketches and iterating on sketches. For example, I started to sketch to illustrate the relationship between human traits, environment and technology when I was reading Heidegger’s critique of technology, and I found such practice very helpful for both understanding systems and stimulating creatives. The 7-day making has also helped me a lot in the process. It was very painful to have to make it every day, but in the end it was where I got inspired for further research and for the final project.

I think the most important takeaway from the class really is to get into the habit of making, sketching, diagraming — which is something that I was not used to.

Some thinkings about the public

I had a lot of struggles about defining a public for my project along the way. Different cultures have different history and system towards mental illness, yet it is hard to find research about other cultures — most research about this topic is centered on a western society/population/narrative. For example, when I tried to research about the mental health treatment in China before DSM-5 became the official guiding principle, I could hardly find any writings about it.  The problem I encountered during my research is also exactly what is going on with the whole DSM-5 system. A lot of research, whose samples neglect culture differences and diversity, get adopted by multiple countries/cultures.

Then when I start to make a project, I start to think who shall I speak to then as or artist? Shall I speak to people in this country or shall I speak to people in China? Does it make a difference? I am still asking myself the question

Nest … 


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