Field Guide Final Reflection

Here is an overview of the final version of my field guide. It is hard to read it through PDF because it really only makes sense in its folded format.


Artboard 2

Revision upon Critique

I made a lot of revisions after the initial critique. It is helpful to learn from feedback that how something intuitive to myself as an author is not really received to the audience.  I almost completely changed the entire design and format of the field guide to emphasize the “two timelines” concept. Here are a few design revision I made:
I made the field guide into a continuous folded format and color-coded two timelines;
I made an arrow design that runs through the entire length and links different sections;
I changed the font and added more graphic to my entries;
I also changed the design of the entry page completely to better reflect the overlapping relationship of the two universes.

Reflection on the Process

The big lesson I learned from this assignment is that:


I spent a lot of time doing research on this assignment, more time on research than making the design. Especially because I set out to write entries about 8 separate object/system in two different historical periods, and examine their resilience (e.g. Uber, Medical supply, Healthcare, etc.), there was a lot of research work to do. I was obsessed with doing research and thinking through the research topic yet by the time I started actually making the field the guide, there wasn’t much time left. I realized that there was never a point that I felt I had done enough research — because there was always more research you can do. I shouldn’t wait till I become a real expert to start create, and the process of making would always generate new research questions.

This also made me reflect a lot on my process of making art in general. I tend to think a lot before I make. I like to have a very clear plan and concept of what I am going to do and why everything makes sense before I get started. But sometimes interesting discovery only emerges through mistakes, experimentation, and play.

A goal I set out for myself for the next project is to get into the habit of making things without thinking too much. Even they may or may not make sense.


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