[Temp Expert] 7-Days OF Future “Mental Disorder”

Day 1 Sleeping Disorder   Day 2 Smiling Training Center  Day 3 "Handicap" fixing Day 4 Underage romance correction Day 5 Hoarding Disorder: Inability to differentiate animate object with inanimate object. People with this disorder usually have difficulty engaging in social activities. They are emotionally dependent or have the fetishism for a specific object such… Continue reading [Temp Expert] 7-Days OF Future “Mental Disorder”

[Housekeeping]What Will We Become

Updated 11/19/19 Notes and Reflections after interviewing with John Richardson: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JCuPEiGJ25AaEJ_EM_dNW7tJDqNM-fawWcgsDUysiAo/edit?usp=sharing After interviewing, the image of "the sick animals" got stuck in my head so I made a sketch. Then I started to think,  since "technology mediates the power that set the boundary of our social and psychological dimensions that enclose us", how recent technological mediation change… Continue reading [Housekeeping]What Will We Become