The Journey of a Broken Finger and How it Cures in Three Parallel Universes — Field Guide Design

This field guide illustrates the journey of a broken bone from injuries and to recover in three parallel universes. It will map out how it involves systems from as small as cells to as big as the mother earth and global economic system, and how all the systems are all interconnected.

Table of Entries 

One beautiful Tuesday afternoon, you were just about to go out when your finger got accidentally slammed by the door/stone/brick. The force enacted on your finger is so intense that it exceeds its elastic limits: Your blood vessel breaks and blood flew out of your blood vessels; The first phalanges of your finger fell apart; the bone breaks through your skin and creates an open wound.

Universe 1 : New York, United States, 2018 

This is one of the most popular and populated city in the world. Your finger is broken, you immediately called your insurance company and asked them for a place to get treatment. In five minutes, you got a Uber to xxx Hopital.

1. Bone:

Internal Factors that determine resilience:
Bone age, Metabolism, Nutrition

External Intervention to boost resilience :
Stitches: fixed broken tissues and stopped bleeding, Antibiotics: Prevent infections, Aligning bones and fixed with a splint

2. Brain

nociceptor fiber detects a painful stimulus on the skin or in an internal organ (peripheral nervous system). The detection of that signal is “picked up” by receptors at the dorsal horn of the spinal cord and brainstem and transmitted to various areas of the brain as sensory information.

3. Hospital

4. US Health Care System

6. Global Logistic 


Universe 2 : Oyam, Uganda, 2018 

You live in a rural village in Oyam, Uganda. There are about 12 family and 50 people in your village. There is one hospital 30 miles away from your village but no transportation to get there. Ayo in your village had preliminary training with a global health organization before, so you went to him for help.

1. Bones
2. Brain
3. Village Community
4. Non-Profit Health Network
5. Transportation System

Research on Oyam community and its health care issues:

Global Health Network:

My own report and journey on my trip to the community

Universe 3 : Somewhere in North America, 80,000 Years ago

This is a hunter-gather society, a pre-medical society. You feel the pain coming from your finger to your Brain. You screamed and asked your mother for help. She aligned you bone and fixed it with a bamboo splint. You endured enormous pain because there were no anesthesia. But your bone will eventually heal by itself.

1. Bones
2. Brain
3. Family
4. Tribe
5. Natural Resource

Research on pre-surgical practice for bone fracture

(To be continued)


1 thought on “The Journey of a Broken Finger and How it Cures in Three Parallel Universes — Field Guide Design”

  1. Such a compelling (easy-to understand but interesting to read) structure. I like the tone of voice – how do you define it? I am very curious about your visuals now.


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