Random Access Fast-forward Life (Time)



A 5-6 min real-time face projection performance during which audience will watch the performer transforming from cells into baby, slowly aging, and eventually turns into cells and universe again.


  1. Passager: a video game in which players control a male avator that can move from left to right as time progresses. the player spends five minutes experiencing a character’s entire lifetime.


  1. Bicep: As a homage to the rave era, the music video is a series of deserted/isolated landscapes which revisited sites that once brought alive by raves. They are juxtaposed with milliseconds of images of hazy, fragmented recollections of those who were there, lifted from Youtube comment sections of the genre’s most defining sounds.


3.  Omete : real-time face projection (visual reference)


This is an experiment on new ways of storytelling in live performance.  I want to deliver the sense of time passing through a person’s life.

Most portion of our lifetime is boring and repetitive (eating, sleeping, working); If our lifetime was scaled down to 5 minutes, only milliseconds of them are carved into our memory (raving, playing in a band, falling in love..) and these moments keep us living. And no matter what we do in the middle, we have no control of the beginning and the end, and we have no control of how time passing on us.



Some projection tests


Final prototype demo






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