Recipe for Life (RWET Final)

For RWET final I made a recipe book of life advice. The procedure 1.Scrape answers from Quora I give it the URL of a particular question, and it will return me the scraped answers for the question, and save them as a text file. 2. Extract all the nouns (of certain relative dependency) and clean the data… Continue reading Recipe for Life (RWET Final)

No. ∞ Symphony (The Tale of Sisyphus) Conceptualization  For the object theatre performance, we are required to create an object theatre performance based on a tale or myth story. Fanni, Caleb and I almost immediately agree on recreating the story, morale, and attitude of Sisyphus.  We decided to focus on our shared, modern boulders - the routines, tasks, problems that we loop and cycle… Continue reading No. ∞ Symphony (The Tale of Sisyphus)

Random Access Fast-forward Life (Time)   Overview: A 5-6 min real-time face projection performance during which audience will watch the performer transforming from cells into baby, slowly aging, and eventually turns into cells and universe again. Inspirations: Passager: a video game in which players control a male avator that can move from left to right as time progresses. the player… Continue reading Random Access Fast-forward Life (Time)