Fake Artist Statement

Find the full codes at GitHub. Initially, I wanted to make a fake band name with a fake band introduction. Because there I think band introduction is something that has a structure that can be learned and auto-generated. I started off by using RNN to generate fake band names. I tried to look for a dataset of… Continue reading Fake Artist Statement

The Complete Truth of Life

For DWD final, I made a web-based book named the complete truth of life. visit the site view source codes Concept The complete of truth does not exist. However, people have never stopped discussing and looking for answers. The book seeks to converge and curate wits from the internet that will eventually outlive us. This… Continue reading The Complete Truth of Life

RWET – Poetric Forms

The Github repo: https://github.com/chillchillchou/RWET/blob/master/week5/assignment4.ipynb Concept I came across New York Time's "The Lives They Loved" earlier in the week and I really wanted to create poems about these memorials for the passed ones.  Since this week's assignment focuses on "forms", I started to think what kind of structure would work with poems about memories? I read… Continue reading RWET – Poetric Forms

WOAW Midterm Documentation

  For the midterm, I started to build my lonely spaceship which I started to prototype last week.  I wanted to create a narrative by having the first person trigger different memories by grabbing objects in the spacecraft (photos, cd players. etc.). Eva and I used most of the assets from Sifi- bunk and few 3-D… Continue reading WOAW Midterm Documentation