pcom midterm–around the world

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Business Card — Visual Final

The hardest part of this assignment is to come up a design of our logo. I actually had a design of logo before ( the one on my blog), so I kinda want to expand and improve on that. The Old logo I had before. It was the initial of me name. As I looked… Continue reading Business Card — Visual Final

Visual Week 5- Poster

It took me a long time to come up with an idea of design. Since it has to focus on the humanistic part of ITP, so I am thinking I can highlight the collaboration part of our community. Started to layout different tools that represent ITP life on a piece of paper and find a… Continue reading Visual Week 5- Poster

Week 5- Shadow Play Theatre

    Sketch of Design I wanted to make a Chinese puppet play box. So I started to make sketch. For the story telling part, I wanted to create the story of "Sisyphus rolling the stone" . For the materials, I am thinking of using either cardboard or wood for the box/container/frame, using paper to… Continue reading Week 5- Shadow Play Theatre

Visual Week4 –Color

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/huiyichen_/?hl=en   I do not know a lot about illustration/design artist,  but I do know a lot about photography. So as I asked myself what color do I want to use, I started picking my color palette by going over some of photographs I like. Here are some photos by Martin Parr. Here is a… Continue reading Visual Week4 –Color

Function Is Great — ICM Week 4

I rewrote my "ITP TV" code using functions and I really love it. Function is such a great tool to keep codes in modules and keep it clean and organized. As some one who is obsessed with organizing, I enjoyed this task of rearranging everything using function. Basically my functions can be break down into… Continue reading Function Is Great — ICM Week 4