Chopstick Stands — Fab Week 2

I never cut a single wood before. But I am now falling in love with wood making. 

Sep 15, 2017 Friday 

I Decided to make a chopstick stands while eating in a ramen restaurant.

I looked up some reference pictures online.


Then I started to draw sketches of my stands (with my non-existing drawing skill), deciding to make a fish-shaped chopstick stand.


I found several pieces of wood from trash bin at the back of the TISCH building. I started to make my first pie. I thought I would just make one first to experiment before mass producing it.

The first problem I encounter is: How to make an arc surface? I am not aware of any tools that is specific for creating an arc.

I was bothered by this problem for a long time before I came up a solution: Drilling a hole in the wood then use the arc of the drilled hole as the surface of my chopstick stand. 

I almost pretty sure that this is not the best solution, but it could work, so I carried on with it.



I used the drill station for the first time, learnt a lesson that I need to put a scratch wood beneath the wood I am drilling.




Using the band saw for the first time…


Shaping with sanding machine.


After initial sawing and sanding, I got a shape like this.


Sept. 17, 2017, Sunday

Now I need to carve the wood to get a more vivid fish shape. How can I do that?


Drawing outlines for carving.


It’s very dumb, but I tried to use the utility knife. It doesn’t work at all.

I asked shop staff for advice. They suggested me to sand it with Dremel.


(Where are all the Dremel Bits by the way?? The box is almost empty)


Anyways, I got to sand it into a fish-ish shape with a heavily damaged Dremel.

After making the first prototype, I used it as a reference to make another five, following the same procedure. IMG_3158.JPG








Then something really interesting happened at this point. While I was about to sand these pieces, I saw some woods left from my previous cut on the table. AND IT LOOKS LIKE A BETTER SIZE AND SHAPE FOR A CHOPSTICK STNADS!

So I picked up one of the scratch wood and sanded it.


It actually looks better than the previous one, which I then decided to dump.

I carried on sanding, using the smaller pieces I have.



This task is incredibly time consuming, but surprisingly fun. I found a lot of joy in doing this.

Sept. 18, 2017, Monday

I drilled a hole to make the fish’s eye.



I was lucky enough to get to borrow a set of carving knife from a second year, allowing me to do more detailed carving and engraving.


I made fish’s tail with carving knives.


I applied wood wax to the fish, and let it dry.


FullSizeRender 25.jpg

(Good photo editing actually  makes a difference)


Sept. 20, 2017, Wednesday

I decided to add even more details to the fish. I felt like I am starting falling in love with wood making..


I applied wood wax to them again. Now It’s FINAL!!





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