ICM WEEK1 Documentation

I decided to use p5.js to sketch one of my favorite childhood comic character: Doraemon.

I found a reference picture in google image:

I started with sketching shape, with the help with p5.js reference. The syntax was not that difficult, but the biggest problem I ran into is to accurately locate the shapes onto the canvas. I didn’t know the exact coordinate number I should use to put a shape in the place I want them to be and it usually took multiple guesses/estimations to get the right parameters. And I am still wondering if there is any way to solve this problem.


Using a color picker app, I filled in color for each shape.


After this, I wanted to do some minor adjustment to the size of Doraemon’s eyes. And I found it hard to locate the line of codes that accounts for the eyes.  So I started to go over each line of my codes and added comments on each parts. I realized it is important to have our codes organized and commented all the time.


And that’s my first sketch with p5js!


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