Visual Language Week 3

Airline Ticket  The largest issue with the original airline ticket is the lack of hierarchy of information. So in my redesign, I rearranged the layout of information and reorganize them according to the importance of information and the purpose different information serves. I put all the information that is important for passengers in bold and… Continue reading Visual Language Week 3

Laser Cut Vinyl Record — Fab Week 3

After watching Koka’s Soundtrack Box , the idea of laser cut something that can make sounds or even music stuck in my head. I want to make something that sounds. First I was thinking of music instruments, then one day I was looking at the vinyl player on my table, I thought "is it is possible… Continue reading Laser Cut Vinyl Record — Fab Week 3

Big Piano — Public Interactive Installation

This is the "Big Piano" at the LL floor in Macy's at 34th st. The way it works is very intuitive -- you walk on the piano and it will play notes. The installation is placed in a corridor that connects shopping area to food court. It is meant to entertain passing by people and… Continue reading Big Piano — Public Interactive Installation

Visual Language Week 2 — Signage Analysis

A good sign has to communicate its message well; It has to be intuitive, concise, and clear. Here are two examples of good signs.  A. Blick Art Supply  This is Blick Art Supply near Tisch. It meets all qualities that constitutes a good sign: It is clear, concise, and intuitive. It uses a abstract color… Continue reading Visual Language Week 2 — Signage Analysis