A Study of Entropy   The Process  Idealization We accidentally discovered that mylar needles attached to a stretchy string can have very beautiful behaviors and random but surprising movements. Especially when pulling the string, rotating the string, blowing wind at it, and reflecting light. We decided to  take use its unique quality, and made it into a… Continue reading A Study of Entropy

[TempExpert] Final Reflection   Presentation Slides: Feedback from Class 1. A definition of mismatch theory --- does it start in recent years because of technology advancement, or it has been going on longer than that? 2. The video is creepy -- which is something I am aiming for. But for future iteration, do I want to… Continue reading [TempExpert] Final Reflection

[Temp Expert] 7-Days OF Future “Mental Disorder”

Day 1 Sleeping Disorder   Day 2 Smiling Training Center  Day 3 "Handicap" fixing Day 4 Underage romance correction Day 5 Hoarding Disorder: Inability to differentiate animate object with inanimate object. People with this disorder usually have difficulty engaging in social activities. They are emotionally dependent or have the fetishism for a specific object such… Continue reading [Temp Expert] 7-Days OF Future “Mental Disorder”

[Housekeeping]What Will We Become

Updated 11/19/19 Notes and Reflections after interviewing with John Richardson: After interviewing, the image of "the sick animals" got stuck in my head so I made a sketch. Then I started to think,  since "technology mediates the power that set the boundary of our social and psychological dimensions that enclose us", how recent technological mediation change… Continue reading [Housekeeping]What Will We Become

A Failed attempt to making a fortune cookie out of Laser Cutter

I already had some experience using laser cutter, but I have never made anything 3D out of it. So for this assignment,  I wanted to try something that I never tried before. I wanted to make a 3D object using Slicer technique shown in class.   I decided that  I wanted to make a fortune… Continue reading A Failed attempt to making a fortune cookie out of Laser Cutter